Note: this was the first post for Peaceful Respite, a separate website, that I imported when I sunset the site.

Hello, and welcome to Peaceful Respite.


First off, my name is Brett, and I am the creator of Peaceful Respite. I am a software developer and video game enthusiast. I really enjoy Japanese video games, and I want to create media surrouding them. I am interested in writing, podcasts, and video, so I thought this would be a great way to share something I am passionate about and do something new.

My goal with Peaceful Respite is to create content focused on Japanese and Japanese-inspired video games. I will be writing blog posts, creating videos, and recording podcasts talking about new releases, classics, my favorite games, and criticisms of games that originate from Japan. I want to make everything I create free and accessible. There will be no ads, as I want to create a really nice experience.

Why Japanese Games?

To be honest, there is something about the style of Japanese video games that really appeals to me. I really enjoy the general art style that comes out of Japan, from the nitty gritty of Dark Souls to the classic Final Fantasy pixel art. Covering a specific subset of games feels more doable as a hobby. Covering all of video games would be overwhelming and difficult to do for me in my free time.


Peaceful Respite is just getting started, so there is not much content to enjoy yet. Please stay tuned here and on Twitter as it starts to kick-off. Thank you very much!