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Brett Chalupa

hobbyist game maker, creative dabbler,
& professional software developer

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I experiment with a variety of creative mediums. Here are some of my favorite things I've made:

  • Destroy All Goblins - cute arcade action game
  • Small Games - experiments and short experiences
  • The Raven - A bird lands in the backyard (flash fiction)
  • Lunar Space Colony - A mechanical engineer starts a new job (short story)
  • Mannequin - A woman shops for a new dress (flash fiction)
  • Lost Ship - The crew of the Babylon come across a ship floating in space (comic)
  • The First Day - An early story of apocalyptic interactive fiction (interactive fiction)

Recent Stuff

  • Slither - cute Snake
  • Building Games with DragonRuby - free, beginner-friendly game programming book
  • XENO.TEST - prove you're not human
  • Lonely Paddle - tennis for those lacking friends
  • Projectbook - 100+ project ideas for learning programming
  • ERSATZ Issue I - Zine collecting early works
  • Scratch - A hiker has an unfortunate encounter with a branch
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