Hi, my name is Brett. I'm a software developer, creator, and adventurer. I live in Pennsylvania.

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Prior to moving to Pennsylvania, I grew up in the Northeast, living in New Jersey and Vermont. I spent a few years in the Pacific Northwest. I try to live a simple life and pursue my passions. I enjoy reading, writing, walking, and watching movies.

I make my living doing software development. I really enjoy sharing what I’ve learned by making screencasts and blog posts.

When I’m not working with code, I enjoy exploring the outdoors, reading, and working on creative projects. Running has become a significant part of my life. I mostly run on trails. I dabble with writing fiction, drawing comics, and making short films.

I love food, and I’ve eaten a plant-based, vegan diet for over six years. Cooking is a true joy for me.

Some of my favorite creators are Haruki Murakami, Ursula K. Le Guin, David Lynch, William Gibson, and Tsutomu Nihei.

A perfect day off for me would be waking up and working on creative projects for a little bit—writing or editing videos. Then I’d go on a long trail run. Afterward, I’d cook a nice meal, go for a walk, and wind down with a book!

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