Brett Chalupa


I live in Burlington, Vermont, which I enjoy very much. The weather can be a bit harsh, but the people are nice, the food is good, and the quality of life is high.

My goal is to build software that people find useful. I want to be able to build wonderful experiences from top to bottom, from the design to the code.

Aside from building software, I enjoy cooking, reading, play video games, and walking.

Cooking feels like a stark contrast to building software because within an hour or so the food is ready, and shortly after, it is gone. I think that is why I enjoy it so much.

My current favorite author is Haruki Murakami. I think my favorite novel by him is Kafka on the Shore. His writing grips me, and I find it hard to put his books down.

Lastly, I like walking because it is so simple. I do not need to wear any special clothes or have any equipment. I can just put on my shoes and do it. There are plently of places to walk in Burlington, and the beautiful lake is great scenery.

If you want to follow along with me, I am active on a few different places: